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Lyra Alien Race | Shares a message part of a akashic records reading

This is a message that came through and Galactic Soul chart reading, The Elyndorians, with their iridescent pearlskin and eyes reflecting the cosmos, hail from the constellation of Lyra. This constellation, often associated with themes of harmony and music, aligns with the essence of the Elyndorians' peaceful and interconnected way of life. They look very alike to this drawing..

By the way, let me share something instersting, Her hair was light and at times it reflected as well as a tail or an extension of it which could change shape. And these emissaries share a channel to help humanity.

Dear Earth Travelers,

From the realms of Eldoria, we extend a message that resonates with the harmonious strings of the cosmos. As you travel through the tapestry of existence, remember this: the vibrational frequencies of well-being are not just an echo, but a road map to your full potential.

Align yourself with the symphony of well-being, because in its melodies lies the key to unlocking your true essence. Just as the stars align to create constellations of brilliance, so too do your intentions align to create the masterpiece of your life. Embrace the resonance of positivity, for it is in this alignment that you become the architects of your reality.

Every thought, every intention, every gesture you send affects the fabric of creation. Choose wisely the notes that make up your journey, as they shape the universe around you. By attuning yourself to the embrace of well-being, you become conduits of light that illuminate your path and inspire those around you.

Radiate with the energy of your brightest dreams. Embrace the vibrations of joy, love and compassion. Allow well-being to flow through you, for by doing so you will not only raise your own vibrations but also contribute to the cosmic dance of upliftment.

Know this, dear souls: the symphony of well-being is the melody of your evolution. It is the harmonious echo of your connection to all that is. Tune your heartstrings to its frequency and watch your journey transform into a magnificent crescendo of self-discovery and divine expression.

To the rhythm of the embrace of well-being,

The Eldorians, from the Constellation of Lyra.

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Gratitude Grethel


I am sharing a Galactic Lyran Sirius light language Activation

Today I share a deeply healing and restorative journey is an experience of being loved and supported while moving through the alchemical process of creating as the light.

Fill your field with so much light that all other spaces of cords and energetic dependency/attachment can release dissolve, leaving you in a space of sovereignty, filled in with energy, and in a space to TRULY CREATE from choice and love.

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