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Antares Star race Art

Channelled intuitive drawings are a wonderful way to help you get in touch with your intuition, spirit guides, and soul mates.

This comes from Antares! It is accomplished by asking your guides to draw something that represents a message they want to give you.

This comes from Antares and this guide it’s an observer of how timelines evolve. It is a being of light and we can say that matches a fifth dimensional frequency.

In their plain they are made of light and get all they need from the source field around. This guide explain they are beyond physical constructs of time.

Which means they are fluid and can show up to us on any form they choose. However they stay as watchers making sure it all goes according to divine plan.

To make contact with your Star family the easiest way to me is light language.

Whether you picture an image like the one I’m posting or you o Ku use a guided meditation it feels to me the best tool I have found to be in the receiving mood so I can quiet my mind.

That state of meditation will put you in the vibration and the light language codes can be integrating in you with ease and grace to move in the direction of your highest outcome and greatest good.

The light language guided meditation I’m sharing today will bring blissful thoughts to relax and began to be in the receiving mode to Align with Source.

It is called Galactic StarSeed Meditation | Encoded Frequency | Alignment with Source | you can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

Shed a light!

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Apr 20, 2023


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