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Archangel Michael light language

Greetings and blessings In deep gratitude, I came today speaking as one representing many on your soul humble and honor to connect in this vibration of love

Gratitude is a Powerfull tool to be in alignment.

It is time to liberate from the old and what no longer serves you to open the new cycle.

The appreciation at the moment can help you to change and live every moment in the entended state of consciousness with your open heart. Gratitude brings infinite possibilities and love to your your reach. That way, today and always, we have the honor to connect with gratitude.

The land invites you to reconnect with your roots and flow in sync with the universe.

It is imperative to be grounded to leave the noise and listen to the silence in your soul.

And the new possibilities of growth, light love and life ready for rebirth in the experience through you

We are talking now, honoring your connection with the higher self colective to bring you a gift of gratifude. This gift is a powerful key to help you embody gratitude in the most complete way. To help support something of clarity regarding the potentials and other energetic opportunities here and always. Permanent presence and choose to stay awake focusing on the heart at all times Enter completely in this moment with deep gratitude and reverence for everything. Change your attention on your heart to the ceneter of your chest and tune into what your are grateful for now.

Your heart centers the key and is the door, the freedom of being.

Which leads to healings, elevating your vibration and opening to maximum expression.

Simply feel gratitude from the center of your being and when you do this, your heart expands in the light

Gratitude aligns you with peace at the present moment and focuses you as well as commits you with the light of your inner heart.

The vibratory force of appreciation does not only wxpands your heart but also increases your prosperity, happiness and well-being and aligns you with so many opportunities and blessings that you would otherwise likely lose. The center of your heart is the key to connect with other higher realms of the Spirit Experiencing the power of infinity to be in the flow Being grateful at the moment has the power to change your energy of fear, lacking and worry to an expanded state of love. Gratitude is not something we experience only when we are happy with what is happening in our lives. The true power of gratitude shows when we are cpable of capturing it, regardless of whether the event that is unfolding in your life are of your liking When you remain in a state of gratitude even when you are sad, frustrated or uncomfortable, open you hear to help those challenging with in lives. . Be one with everything through your mother earth, walking barefeet in the wind, get out and breathe fresh, feel the expansion of your feet, you will find a solid foundation for the spiritul conscience that will provide inspiration. The Divine Mother is healing you and providing you with the perspective to nourish your soul. Search within you the key, if you can take the time to integrate, take it, be at peace. Take off your shoes and feel ground at your feet and listen to the swirling wind. Bathe in the light of the sun Enter in the present moment and enjoy gratitude for the magic in life
You are one with this beautiful planet, fill the immensity within as you walk barefeel as your journey unfolds, hear the wisdom of the mountains if you choose to listen. Your heart center the key and it's the door... Experiencing the power of the infinite..
When you are in harmonious resonance with your roots, you are in tune with the song of your soul and the universe depends on your feet.

If the outside world is making noise, go with your silence to sing the symphony of your own brilliance and shine.

Gratitude is the gateway of blessing Until you are grateful for what you have, you will really be ready for more. Take a few minutes to open your heart and think about what you are grateful for. Begin to make a list. Write a list of the important things of your love ones in your life, your health and the roof above your head But also include the less obvious things such as the bird singing outside your window and the sun in the sky today and the happiness as it brings your favorite person to you

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