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Full Moon in Virgo March 7th 2023, Thisis a great time for manifestation because this is a huge shift energetically.Are you ready for the new?

 This full moon in Virgo is a huge shift!!!This full moon in Virgo is a great time to set an intention to manifest the dreams of your heart. Virgo is asking you to make a plan, organize, and get in line with your heart.

Now is the time to release and let go of whatever is holding you back. The next few months are going to be absolutely a shift collectively. It's all about purification—this is about cleansing your field, your consciousness, and making a conscious choice to let go and tune into the new. 

Virgo is adaptable; it's looking to become the best it can be, so be aware of how you can serve others and look for ease and practicality as you anchor that ancient wisdom of Earth.

Full moon in Virgo & Saturn enters Pisces, This is asking us to look for meaning and aligning with the frequency of your true self. 

Virgo embracing the ancient heritage of Earth and the Archeotype of the God's come to re-organize what you attract and to recognize the vibration of your true core self.

Virgo will invite you to find ways in which you can take care of yourself and improve yourself.I am sharing a Atlantis Guided Light Language meditation that will soothe the energy and boost your life force. 

This meditation uses light to bring joy, peace, and wisdom back into our lives. It is an easy way to align yourself with higher consciousness and experience a new perspective about any aspect of life.

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