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Atlantis Drawing of a High Priestess

Atlantis Drawing of a High Priestess

This guide shows you a story in a lifetime in Atlantis while it was a very strong Empire before its fall. In this timeline you could see a very organic culture and a futuristic one to a certain degree.I was shown houses in the shape of circles with a perfect synergy

where the sunlight illuminated the houses perfectly using a technology that was a mixture of advanced organic knowledge. The elements of nature were incorporated into daily life to a maximum.

Something that could be observed was the opulence and exaggerated decoration that mixed precious metals such as gold, copper and silver with the potentiating power of crystals and a formation of sacred geometry creating portals on portals like Russian dolls.Most of the symbology is based on 2 important elements: the circle and the spiral where the energy was aligned with the Cosmos.

It helped to expand it in an exponential form.Your guide is an artisan, a master of crystal and clay. This is where they made Golems of the beings of the stars as well as spiritual guides made of clay and crystal skulls in order to channel the cosmic light in a more powerful

.Skulls are also carved from other types of stone to represent the human skull that were used for healing and inspiration: They were often used to enhance meditation and to provide inspiration.

This also enhanced the healing properties of natural gems and minerals the crystal skull represented. Imagine your own realistic skull as comfortable which could help you cultivate peace, relaxation and tranquility.

They also showed me how all kinds of tools were made during this time such as swords, magic wands, crowns to activate the third eye, shields on the chest mostly for men with their personal code carved in metal or musical instruments, drums, bowls and many more things that I don't know how to describe.

Pyramidal artifacts that helped to potentiate energy. It was in this life when you learned to explore your creative essence and to connect with the elements of the Earth to create enlightenment catalysts.

This guide was called Coral in its time line and it was a beautiful and positive life that will inspire you to find your own destiny and connect with it through crystals and your intention.Blessings"

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1 Comment

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Jul 13, 2022

These resonates with me so much Sweet Grethel I had a vibid dreamsome time ago and it feelt so beautiful I was inside a bubble big bubble is like an earth 🌎 with in the Earth 🌎💚✨🌎✨that's how it was had my family with my and a dog I can see up and instead I was looking at the sea the Waves moving so slowly and I could even feel the wind touching my face I was seeing big waels 🐬🐳🐟 all of them were swimming in the sea but I think as looking up looking at them I couldn't understand why The earth 🌎✨🌍 was outside and me inside these big bubble that looked like the 🌎 it w…

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