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Atlantis Healing

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

✨Atlantis Codes✨

Ancient Atlantans embrace the gift of working with water.

And water in their hands was liquid plasma light who could shift shape into any form and even turn into physical matter.

I remember we were Alchemists who through knowledge and wisdom could embodiment the power of God.

And in some timelines Atlantans could breathe underwater and choose any form using the same capacity for water to change structure.

Water can be liquid, steam or solid ice and so do we... yes our Soul still shift shape even unnoticed by us.

Why is deply important to work, understand and learn from water?

Because water is the element that give life to the stardust in our bones and indeed we are more water then flesh and bones.

Each of us is at least 70 % 💧 water, isn’t amazing?

A simple practice is to charge our water and when we go that it becomes liquid crystalline light we can instantly shift our energy field

Today I invite you to connect with your Atlanteans Ancestros through a guide meditation with Atlantean language of the light to access your soul wisdom and restore your healing abilities and the capacity to shift shape by the intention

Atlantis Healing

Shed a light!

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