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This is an image that represents a temple of light in Atlantis where when you visualize yourself there your soul is projected and alchemized with a higher vibration and in alignment to invoke the light.

The ocean represents what needs to be cleaned, freed and let go of the conscious and unconscious mind, emotional body, biological structure, energy of this life or any other.

The water represents what is not seen, and at the same time the life force that flows finding a new harmony. The crystal temple when visualizing yourself there, will invite you to invoke the universe and activate the wisdom of your soul.

Sacred geometry and tonal encoded crystals will re-educate your aura by cleansing, aligning and then downloading ascended vibrations, to lift you high in light.

Plasma light will gently increase your frequency flashing all the colors of the rainbow, coordinating your chakras and calling the light to unify into the highest and highest good.

I invite you to visualize yourself in this image in your daily meditation, and then let the image evolve guided by your divine guidance and the universe embraces you in a sacred circle of love and starlight activating the star seed template.

This invocation will help "I release everything that does not correspond to me and I call all my light to find balance, I anchor my presence, I center myself and I only take what corresponds to me in perfect divine synchrony. I decree that I am always in the right place, in the divine orden and in the infinite potentiality of all that I can be, I am and have been for the highest and highest good of all that is, done this "

I hope it is valuable, you can modify the invocation using your intuition and when you combine meditation and the language of light magic awaits your inner universe flashing starlight.

 Light language guided meditation combined with a love code you picture in your mind will activate In you the frequency of love.

Let love be anchor in your Soul divinely!

Atlantis 9th dimensional I Light Language Guided Meditation | Powerful Activation

Shed a light

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