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Blue Avian - Galactic art - activate the multi universe in you

Blue Avian - Galactic art - activate the multi universe in you This guide comes wrapped in bright blue lights that in my dreams wake me up by the dazzle of the flickering light, my first reaction is I paralyze because I feel that I am rising and when I feel the lightness in me I relax and I see them there and these humanoids with bird faces and their human forms in a kind of galactic center.

The humans were placed in the light and observed, they were asked questions, other beings with different shapes, long necks and almond eyes took notes, from the star Andares I heard how I contacted the people of the multiverse who came wrapped in bubbles of light to be able to be in this universe because its quantum state belonged to different laws of the universe... We spoke the language of love and light We taught them about what it was to feel, if to feel and live the theory that they only observed, the truth was that we were the protagonists and they showed us admiration and exclaimed the strength of living in a state of dual density like ours in the Earth.

There were many platforms and all of them had beings from the 4th dimension but from other planets and dimensions of some known and others unknown to me. Your mission shows within you a passion for spiritual study, creativity, writing, channeling and deep connection with nature...and living with your love. Your soul project is that your work would align you with truly rewarding and joyful spiritual work that not only pays my bills, but allows spirituality and being of service to others to be center stage in my life. Your message today is... Surrender to your life, your guides say, renounce what happened and focus on what is opening yourself to the highest Divine possibilities, and to what God has reserved for you.

Remember that you are a reflection of the universe that listens to many voices to listen to itself, a mirror in which to see yourself and meet again without ever getting lost. remember that you do not fall, you only return to take momentum to move forward take baby steps into developing greatness within that will be the ultimate expression of self love and quantify life in connections, how you spend your life, smiles given and love shared. mortality in fragility that each eternal moment in a new beginning that has never ended because it has always been, is and will be. create the community in your heart aligned with the cosmos.

Try less and live more, plan less and flow more to manifest abundance and achieve success... may your intention be to give yourself organically to your life in connection with the Divine. Love is your teacher. The purpose is to recommit to being in tune with the Divine and with the flow of magic in your life one moment at a time. And trust that there is a Divine Life Force guiding you. his life... quantify your abundance by shared love.

The truth is your reality and what you believe is how life you perceive in your multidimensionality opens yourself to new perspectives and to learn from your other reflections in the mirror that imagined a universe different from yours and diversity is your opportunity to expand your wisdom. In your multidimensionality you become the kind of self the Universe works on your behalf and that is want comes into your life, the ride the slide up and up and deep within into the simple and how your life is motivated to be shared with all others with your divinity. with love for your guides.

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