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Breathing can be the fuel to be at peace. I’m sharing some tips & Meditation

Imagine yourself sitting on top of the world, and exhale every thought that comes to your mind.

Watch all your thoughts like a menu and pick which ones you want to keep and let go of the ones that don't. Inhale the pure, peaceful energy of now.

Exhale your past regrets that no longer serve you. Inhale your ability to be different in this moment.

Exhale the control over other people's lives that you hold onto so tightly. Inhale eternity, simplicity and gentleness. Exhale heaviness, conflict and drama. Inhale harmony with light

Strengthen your power when you meditate and breathe, I share a suggestion and meditation guide to rise in Divine peace. And so be it! The intention during meditation:

Be at peace and stillness with your power when you meditate and breathe, I share a guide to raise you to Divine Peace. And so it be! One-minute meditation intention:

Experience the power of meditation and breath deep with this guided meditation.

I’m sharing a soothing Archangel Raphael guided meditation & Code activation you can find it on my YouTube @encodedfrequency


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