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Christ Consciousness Alchemy Codes of Light

We are Alchemists of the Light, where we work the Light as our playground, in an exhibition of Optical Effects and Illusions.

When you master the Light, a constantly shifting and complex succession of things seen or imagined work as a magnet for the Evolution of your Soul.

An Alchemist transforms all into Gold. It is as simple as a scene that constantly changes in the power of your mind ~ a mind that still channels your Gold Higher Consciousness.

Your Vibrational Energy Signature intermixes with the Collective Consciousness, always as a Magician of the Gold Light.

Embracing Change will lead to Vitality.

And simply, this is why you, the Self, hold the Power, hold the Key to Alchemize and Realign Humanity and Earth with the Spiritual Truth, with the Divine Power of Choice, the Power of Peace, the Power of Love, and in Gratitude.

The alternative of Change is Stagnation.

The Alchemist will BE so attuned to the Self, to the Spiritual Vibrations of Truth and Healing, Peace and Love. We BEgin by inviting you to relax, and to let go of the focus on your physical senses, to enter into a still, calm and focused Awareness.

Bless and Release anyone or anything they blocks the Flow of Love.

Focus upon Spiritual Vibration and upon infusing your Personal Atmosphere, your Energetic Signature, with the Divine.

Lean into your Vulnerability, and Heal through the Power of Love.

With Love,


The Mars one feels like the Essence from the Galaxy as a Priest, and functions as the Main Guide for missions and purposes.

The Apprentice of the Father Sun (Solaris) ~ this Aspect lives in the Central Sun, and is connected to our Sun. These are the ancient Souls around this Galaxy. It feels like a Teacher.

The Souls Extensions in Pleiades (Diplomatic) ~ this Aspect feels androgynous, and looks like a Politician, if that exists in the Galaxy. It has a baby blue Aura, and is gentle but powerful.

Orion (Military) has blue skin and is a Water BEing. You can describe it as a Blue Ray form, transitioning from the 4th into the 5th Dimension, I believe.

Sirius (Shamanic, the Chemistry of the Light in the Physical through Sound and Light) ~ these Aspects are like Whales and Dolphins, and are female ~ very divine and healing. They speak through Sounds of Light.

Maldek (Sentinels ~ shifting Holographic Templates) ~ they had the power to control through the mind. They work with Dark and Light. They are Builders of the Matrix, Shape-Shifters and Magicians. They remind me of the Druids of ancient Celts.

Lemuria, Sumeria, Hebrew and Egypt are the more predominant, but so many are all over Europe and the Mediterranean.

Your element is Fire, and you are connected to the Lions of Lyra, who feel a strong sense of duty and hard work as Entrepreneurs and Leaders with lots of character, vitality, courage and passion. I hope this all makes sense.

I hope this is helpful. All my gratitude,


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