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Clearing Karma Light Language

Code Clearing Karma Light Language | cleanse your shadow | release trauma & pain

If you have been needing a boost to your energy or enthusiasm with the intense energies, you may finally have some wind which is the energy that is vibrating now.

The wind is fast energy, it goes up and down. It has small storms, when it circulates with force and mixes with the clouds and the water creating storms, even so if you feel that your life is in a storm, know that in the center of the storm there is calm.

Storms pass in life to bring a transformation and to place us in the blessed change that is always in the divine order.

We begin and end this month with immensely powerful New Moons where as the storm passes the magical rainbow in the wondrous blue sky invites us to smile at it. Challenges and anchors in us the wind of faith.

Our assertive Aries Sun can give you a burst of confidence and courage where we remember that faith moves mountains and peace calms wars.

Anchor yourself in your peace, it's okay not to be okay but know that you are in the process of finding the inspired solution where you create the life of your dreams by finding the middle ground where you are sovereign of your spirituality in balance with all that is.

Know that you are more than prepared for this ascension and many more.

Your soul is old and divine and if the god who creates suns and seas lives in you, imagine all the miracles that you can initiate when you anchor your divine soul. Mix it with your humanity not only for its highest good but for the good of all that is.

Today, we share a meditation that will invite you and activate god in you and receive divine light.

may this code seed light for the highest outcome of all

blessings Grethel

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