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Creating Sacredness

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Creating Sacredness

• If you are at home make your space the most comfortable temple you can.

~ This will support you to be at peace in your own sanctuary

• Embrace the archetype of the God/Goddess within and bear witness to this, being of service using your unique abilities to assist the collective and understanding how this can serve your own life purpose

• Trust your intuition and allow your galactic brothers and sisters support and lead you, seeing how free you are even within restricted circumstances. Have faith knowing you are a blessed being on this path

– it is an opportunity to expand your Soul and grow exponentially in these challenging times to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth

- Allow yourself to be infuse with peace and tranquility

And I have a meditation recommendation for you today to support you in doing just that!

Warm and loving huge Grethel 💜

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All my love 🤍

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