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Cut the roots from Suffering!

Morning Beautiful Souls

Today I invite you to Tune into the inner being and higher self. Support from gravity, along with the soothing light language from Gaia

Receive the connection as you listen and really feel this one.

Remember to ground and integrate the huge cosmos light it has been downloaded since the equinox

When we ground we are the most peaceful we can taste the green and feel the ease of life

It is amazing how free we feel when we ground

Now breath center yourself and ask am I grounded? Do I need stability? If you do ground, actually grounding helps us to get rid of the heavy esa abs helps us to traveler lighter

Cut the suffering from its roots!

Ground your light’

So today I invited you the ground with this light Language recording that I created and be a good manager for your experience talk to Gaia to see what can be better and what can be released #Gaia #Healing #light language #grounding #meditation

Pass the light!

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