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Drawing of Mother Mary

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Divine Mother light Codes 💚

Remember everything is in divine order...

I have been doing so much inner talking lately. Knowing how I really feel about noticing where I am standing and where I would love to be.

I can say I feel blessed and life it's looking exciting and a true adventure.

However, we all have back and forth moments where we catch up ourselves in unbalanced and instead of judging me ( like I used to be) I celebrate myself for being conscious of how my soul is flowing and when is not the good thing is I can adjust and find a more comfortable place to be.

So lately in readings, I notice many are really struggling it's like the person no longer seems to make sense with the world and struggling to find feel balance and ease.

For me being spiritual isn't do mantras, light language and astral travel with aliens 😁 even though all that maybe part of it... for be represent being present.

Being present relates to being grounded to be in the now and from the now find the ease and flow ( and there are many way unique for each of us).

Such is our search for happiness.

To find the real thing we normally have to look inward to find the real thing out true essence our light!

It can be dark in there and there are no external lights to show the way. The light always grows from inside and illuminate our world.

Glowing from my heart and my soul lighting my path and other people's heart.

Hold the light and shiny and if you feel like the world is hard go within where every aspect of you it's illuminating and sourcing light.

Healing light Language guided meditation to elevate your vibration while you boost your immune system with this beautiful light language healing sleep music.

Ideal to help release toxic emotions. 😌

Shed a light

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