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Energy Report before the Equinox

There is a huge opportunity to activate our inner technology that collides between organic and inorganic.

Inorganic living makes us feel struggling and drained or life force aligning us with the old 3d matrix

Now that we have the Equinox this 20th is the greatest opportunity to birth a new technology of consciousness



Yes is time to stop feeling drain and exhausted and our energy can become more coherent, and fluent with all that is meant for us to manifest.

Organic living works through the loving Heart and an ambassador of Divine and a warrior of the light through Peace and Balance with all

Yes activate your Loving Heart now I invite you to take one minute of your life gaze the the image and as you do you can breathe consciously and expand your aura as you consciously shift into Love and Gratitude and this will really start to activating us into a new level



Raising the heart also letting love expand and create a new way to activate your inner technology organically through the love and the leading heart that is our inner technology

Theses are times to jump and merge lower frequency timelines and ascend one more step into a higher technology that matches a new Earth where we know we are the leader of our life, we are christ consciousness who came to shift it all.



How do we integrate this energy our best?

Activate your heart let yourself love and be love and shed light as you breathe in out through your heart and let your energy be expanded as is meant to be and send it to your brain, and your belly and all areas in need is

Consciousness is a state of beingness and you activate organic living while integrating with love all those emotions that feel fear, anxiety, and grief and wrap them gently with love, to your best



High energy becomes easier to integrate and ground when we are loving inside out and lacking love drag our frequency down quickly

this equinox meditate, determine your state of being knowing you are creator and the ambassador of Love and leader of the Light

If you need extra angelic support invite you to meditate with archangel Michael and reconnect with your Healing and most loving Heart and inject soothing energy into your day

🌷✨ ✨suscribe to our channel & You can join my in our Community and access more then 50 exclusive videos ( changelings, live-streams, meditations and much more )


❣️Don’t forget to Smile 😊

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