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Fear versus Love

Fear is an illusion although totally unaware sometimes Fear has a sense of failure, a feeling of rejection, uncertain to the unknown, perhaps being alone in a room full of people and not being in control of wherever arise.

Fear is like a virus that enables us to convince ourselves that the disconnection of our God power diminished by something or someone outside of ourselves.

Spiritual sovereignty is the capacity to Reclaim your our power, the capacity to feel safer, loved, supported, by the almighty power of The god in you.

The eternal, infinite, divine light glimmering sparks of the galaxy through your blood, and the stardust in your bones is what you’re made of.

When we master our fears, we become courageous and trusting we are in heaven dreaming, we are not we can understand there’s nothing to be afraid of With courage to love and trust to shine our Divine light no wound is too deep, no problem too difficult to resolve and nothing can make you give your power of a sovereign being of light.

The antidote for fear is Loving Heart with light in their Soul.

Healing the Divine Masculine with Yeshua | Encoded Frequency

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