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- Galactic art - Aldebaran - the multidimensional definition of your being.

 - Galactic art - Aldebaran - the multidimensional definition of your being.In our reality we are beings of light of the fifth dimension where in containers of light our soul is anchored in any other form of matter of light, darkness if the entity so desires, angelic, elemental, organic, artificial intelligence or cosmic sidereal ( as part of a star, gas, chemical element, vacuum in space etc).This being the case, you have access to any other soul fragment that, in reality, would not be the correct definition because each soul fragment is a complete soul in itself, connected to a whole as the whole.In our plane we are mutable and adaptable and beings from the andromeda galaxy are our guides where from the seventh dimension where feeling the movement of everything you are manifested in different reflections of the creator is part of our purpose of being.Angelic celestial and Andromedan beings are our spiritual guides and prepare us to ascend to the sixth dimension through an attitude of hope, trust and knowing ourselves believing in the delicious experience of just being.Who am I? That is a question that, upon spiritual awakening, intrigues each human in their journey to remember the true essence of being.How you define yourself is your choice. in the multiplicity of your being you are many reflections of the creator who wishes to see himself is temporary mirrors and the infinity of eternity and wishes to discover in the multiplicity of multidimensionality what else can he be and wondersHow in your reality others define you is his choice, and it is in relation to his mirror and what you reflect of his own essence that is in the plurality of the whole as one. ways of seeing yourself from many angles and in the singularity of you, it is up to you to decide which definition you prefer.That is actually our definition of awakening is just be the presence and it is said that all the angels on earth come from aldebaran because our percentage as a stellar star of celestial being is very pure in essence and provides a very gentle and especially healing sensitivity and restorative for the singular being and in connection with the whole.The question is am I allowing myself to be all that I can be? and that is the message of this image in the face of the drawing you will see the lost look in reality the in tenicon is look at a new horizon in which you feel the inspiration and the more attracted you feel to the wonder of what you can be the more you will enjoy your existenceand that is the best definition of my reality, we gravitate in alignment with the creator and each moment is a new awakening in the wonder of all that I can explore and be in my individual and singular but total connection with the one.feel the inspiration of being a recipient of your process creating the reality in which your soul evolves and returns to infinity and from one to all with one.with love, your guides

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