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Galactic Art - Aryan - Atlantis - Avalon - Andares - Galactic Self

Galactic Art - Aryan - Atlantis - Avalon - Andares - Galactic Self

He comes forth as a guide who has shared lifetimes with you and he represents a Portal of Love in your  heart chakra and this is an image from the Atlantis Lifetime where you were both keps of time and your hearts were keys to travel in time.

Your heart, he explains, is a portal to constantly emanate love and increase its frequency. Today focus on love unconditionally, without expecting to receive love in return. You are already very loved.

Open your heart in every interaction, even with whom you do not resonate and send love while staying in love while recognizing that the light is not a reflection of what is bad but the reflection of what you see of the pure and the good of the light of God in everyone.

The open heart will hold you in the arms of God so that you can see the earth with your Soul's eyesight and hold the truth of it all with your heart to the highest degree so that your collective rises in a higher frequency than you can. constantly reaffirm light abundantly. The gateway is an opening for a door in your soul, a passageway to a different perception and a higher or lower state of consciousness.

The portals of light are your chakras, they allow you to obtain information and light from the Source, knowing that our soul has been encoded in pockets of consciousness, they represent points of view of a very different timeline than the one we walk today and, at the same time, time, at certain points on Earth.

The messengers of the cycle are sent to receive and share teachings of truth to help humanity on its way to divine perfection. The image activa the voice of God within you as a portal of the sound of God it licks the heart andThe Throat chakra -

Remember that your words, your way of expressing yourself and projecting yourself to others say a lot about you. It is your best cover letter! Enhance your communication with others, maintain the ability to speak a voice that lifts, amplifies and extends your light and the light of others where you honor the righteousness within you while speaking the truth of the Divine.

 Design your own practice where you recognize that what you hear and speak is already the expression of your divine Soul and it is the same expression in every soul in 3 – this planet honors the light within you and honors the light within others to measure that establishes the new potential to express and speak with the language of light He brings a gift that makes you a gatekeeper, The Gate of Being - It's time to start rebuilding yourself without rancor, without resentment, being kind and gentle with your own transformation in abundance. Your journey through an abundant life begins with how abundant or restricted you are with yourself.

We offer a practice today as you sit with yourself daily, dedicate yourself to feeling your light as a constant offering to yourself and others and remember to pay attention to those thoughts of scarcity. Conceive the impossible as possible. You are moving forward! Your light is the most precious gift he has to give you over and over again.

On this day call on your light to be abundant and claim the gift of presence with all your love and devotion so that his presence may soon accompany you every day. Accept the health, abundance and love that is already in you. He wants to share a message about what is happening at the energy level and how we can magnetize abundant light. Now humans are shifting,  if you have been shifting at many levels.

Humanity is learning to change that lower frequency into a new alchemy of self, a much more abundant one. Hold on, we are being forced to purge and release toxicity and it is not a comfortable process, but it is necessary for many of us to vibrate higher.

 The energy is magnified, it feels like running a marathon for a few days in a pool of control, fear, human rights and the growing need to speak your truth. You are warriors of light and your soul is much more prepared for this than for what we are. Rise up!

Breathe.... Stand tall in your soul and turn it into leadership. Become your own guiding light. So for all of us, we are transitioning into a better version of ourselves, magnetic and powerful, and on top of that, the energy of the collective is more magnetic and stronger.

The collective is hot and choppy in many ways, so let's find a balance. Be a magnet for what your soul desires First, find your center, identify your strengths and empower yourself in your authenticity if it is a good healing, then let it flow so that it finds its flow.

If you are a good organizer, you may be able to help yourself and others find focus. Perhaps you are good at listening to others and it feels good to help and create beautiful bonds. Identify what you are good at and accept it. Magnetize what is going well in your life. Second step - Resilience - this word means the ability to fall and get up, to adjust and recreate.

Now that you know your great gift to humanity, share it. Make a plan to be a God in action by magnetizing more light Third, get out of the box. I always said if what you're doing isn't working, what you are doing is not working my dear don't do it anymore look for other ideas to find what you are looking for and magnetize abundant light opening new doors for the light to shine  Fourth, spiritual practices, unconditional love, meditation, clearing your energy grounding, healing magnetize the higher perspective in your life so you can move higher and be a magnet for light.  

 Always listen to your own intuition to see what works for you, with love, The Guides

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