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Galactic Art Goddess of Abundance

Galactic Art - Goddess of Abundance - This is an archetype of your soul that aligns with the 6th dimension where it has a role as a spiritual guide to various aspects connected to this very soul and this time. It tells us about a structure where consciousness is abundance and creation itself, inviting you to have common ground to integrate parallel aspects of your wise and old soul, aligning you with the abundance in you as the natural essence of your being in the frequency of love.

The soul perceives everything at the same time and only what is present in the consciousness is validated, however, beneath what is apparent is a broader story and without camouflage of illusion and history. Each word that your voice expresses is a pattern sent from your throat and is loaded with the translation of something that happened in your history,

the one you have in mind and is codified with the perceptions of your soul and your senses whether you are aware or not. When every word of your present story is interpreted with vast, loving, and expanded data from the present moment to the unconscious, then you align with the abundance of your being and operate relatively from the god in you.

Each word in your human language is also encoded in the subconscious where feeling and thinking are aligned in an alchemy finding an evolution in the invisible of the unseen, the unknown and in the data that have not been heard in intimate communion with your silence.

Silence tends to be the best answer when without question your soul continues to create you from the creative and lovingly abundant consciousness in you.

The soul never destroys, it damages, it only damages or destroys what anchors the soul in an illusion where somehow the voice of being is distorted with a voice without light and poor in love.

On the other hand, when you travel within yourself and find the sparks of your light, the authenticity of the voice in you, then you become the goddess of creation and the abundance of love. words coded with fear with knives for the energy field of the soul, weapons of destruction of the sacred connection with the divine spirit and the language of light. who you are, have been and always will be within the awakening of your true vast, infinite essence and the spiritual technology of the language of love.

Love likes to be heard and to be projected in the concepts of the ego, the personality and the illusion that you are creating in every word spoken in your mind, in every feeling heard in the silence your heart and the holographic vibration encoded in every word yes no only the voice of god, but the true command for each world created in the illusion of your consciousness that is not validated by good or bad, poor or rich, but your soul only knows what feels good and brings you closer to remembering god In you or what moves away and you away from your true abundance.

Creation is simple, it is an infinite piece of love that separated from its source of love like a spark of light in the firmament and in motion, it was not lost, it only found avenues, history, illusions where it seems that it is only in a place at the same time looking for where to identify, belong and the mission of his being.

The form that was born from the spark of your light in this illusion loses itself without communicating when it is confused without having clarity and stops its evolution by blocking itself thinking that its path is closed without noticing the impression of its divine spirit in the change of the infinite moment of the eternity of being.

Asleep in a dream where he wakes up looking for himself, sometimes expresses himself without listening to himself, feels without letting feelings speak unlimitedly and thinks without direction in the map of the soul. Pushing the envelope when the door is closed and you insist on opening it ignoring the already open doors in infinite directions around you and growing into a new consciousness when you listen and just for a moment stop to perceive your abundant being. True compassion comes from letting each feeling be like a star that blinks off and on expanding its starlight in the cosmos and is an emotion filled with codes of light aligned in harmony with the universe when they are full of love, patience of being and letting the being be , be. Being is the graduation of your abundant and infinite stellar soul, shining and shimmering in the cosmos, always in divine order and for the highest and highest good. with love, guides

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Aug 17, 2022

That is so beautiful I Loveee it 💗✨🌸💖💗🌸💕💓❣️💕💓🥰✨✨💗💗 beautiful message sweet Grethel ❣️✨❣️✨✨


Unknown member
Jul 11, 2022

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom <3 sending love

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