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Galactic Art - Sirius - Royal Lioness Light codes

Galactic Art - Sirius - Royal Lioness Light codes - In this timeline they are from the 7th dimension and it is a collective that seeks to actualize the spiritual laws and mysteries of the universe to harmonic frequency alignments with high vibration dimensions.

She tells us that they are beings of light that can change their shape and they make them that way.  Walk through y

our doors with confidence, trust and faith in your own process during the jump in the timeline as you reconnect more with yourself. This message is to explain the timeline change and reconnection with Gaia and a new shift in perception.

Yes, this is what a timeline change means to me. At the very center of all humans we have light and that light is equal to the source of life force and Gaia is our home where we as humans all vibrate together as a planet and a collective consciousness. Let's explain this a bit more... Everything manifests from omnipresence and since we are physical here, how our light mixes with everything else in the physical is a divine creation.

The earth as a sentient being changes the vibration here signaling a new tone of light to bring us closer in this timeline to the energy of God to manifest a higher reality. so.... All you have is now. We could say a timeline is a prevailing perception of a period of time, let's say this timeline for many will be called a pandemic, revelation, awakening, divorce, anxiety, freedom, romance, etc. depending on what energy we predominantly signal (the base energy we imprint, we label the time in your life). It’s all connected, you are all intertwined here, yet we all live in different timelines

The energy that we create in a time-space is called a timeline, in other words as you expanded through an experience you had access to information from your soul and timelines give us access to a certain type of information that we match with some . Elevate, in other words, each timeline we jump will give us new information to generate and create a different reality and is based on density Rise up, so this is why all that endless purging we're making room to contain more light. Trust your process... So in other words, how do I know if I'm going to jump to another timeline in this planetary shift that everyone's talking about?

Tips for recognizing jumps and the timeline

1 - Newness - New elements that come into your life... buy a new car, house, change your partner, find a new job, change cities or develop a new skill.

2 - Shift & Twist - Unexpected changes, people breaking up with you, suddenly losing your stable job, accidents, closing doors, exhausting you, guilt, fear, sadness, feeling out of place, situation becomes unexpected, triggers and intense challenges. apparently unsolvable.

3 - Contraction: you feel between a rock and a hard place, as if all sides are wrong, you can feel like a disaster, as if everything is going wrong, you can feel as if you are running in circles, feeling trapped, in a whole, repressed , restricted.

Note: Low vibration emotions are not all bad, they allow you to release karma and tune in to a new opportunity to realize who you really are as a mirror of you perceiving your own experience. Yes, it feels hard, but it is because of the amount of resistance to change and the power that is within us in energetic form to become the best version of who we are.

We would say the jump in the timeline will start from being in the middle of the storm to find inner stillness and allow the rainbow to come and bring peace and calm

Make love greater than your fears... as humans you are meant to experience a little to grow and evolve what we should not experience is the suffering we choose when we recreate fear over and over again beyond time and space

So it's not that there isn't a random experience, everything here is here because you choose to live and it's helping you manifest a different reality. And, on the other side of the jump timeline, what is it? Now, bring new lightness, a new more adequate version of you, and a greater version of you where you manifest the greatest expansion for your Soul.

In other words, maybe your dream job is the next step in achieving that dream job where your soul comes into higher alignment and the light reintegrates with you when you can perceive your experience based on a lighter scale wherever you are. your biggest dream work, expression of oneself, love, etc. What can you do about it? Surrender... Confident .... Faithful ... Hopeful...Patience… Breath and know that everything that is happening is for your highest good and that of others I will attach a guided meditation to connect with your higher self and receive guidance for your own unique process.

She can be called Cassius, that represent castles and wants to remind you the royalty in you and the lineage from which you belong and to walk like a Goddess with the steps of a woman that is strong in her Soul, knowing that her love is way much stronger than any challenges that may arise, and is your power.Always around, much love, The guides

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