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Galactic art STARSEED ART The wisdom of your SOUL

Ancestor Guide - Galactic Art - Downloading The wisdom of my soulThis guide is a continent which came from the time where the earth was one and they were nomadic races that traveled to face each other in war between each tribe to survive.He shows us how from the star cygnus came some "stellar gods" , ingeniers of worlds which are assigned the celestial tera of helping humanity to advance and not destroy itself. The instructions were to teach them the language of the stars, how to work and honor the earth and sow the alchemy of metals, wood, earth, air and water as the basic elements of life in organic harmony.These beings of the 7th dimension, when lowering their deity to be able to have a semi-physical life on earth, faced challenges that they were not used to.Humans were very primitive and their cognitive capacity and intelligent integration and emotional balance were very abstract, which made communication difficult for them.They asked for guidance from the councils of light and desire to divide the continent to see as in seven chakras (Asia the crown chakra, Middle East Africa the throat, North America - the base chakras, South America the sacral chakra, Antarctica, Europe the heart chakra and the third eye would move from Western Europe to South America in some time and Oceania).These gods were divided into 7 continents, tribes and sevens. When the father and founder died, it became a holy grail which in spirit will be channeled as an avatar of God in order to guide the earth with Christian consciousness. children form families and associate with human women and men to mix their DNA and would gently help advance.At the same time they would be the guardians of keeping "the tablets of destiny" where the destiny of everything that exists is decreed. that Reconnects you with the Innate Truth of Your Divine Self, and with the highest perspectives of Vibrant Truth available to you in your life.This truth has now been downloaded into the crystalline grid of gaia and its energy lines and you are around you and you will effortlessly anchor tremendous Joy, Light and Peace… integrate them together with every human being present in this infinite space now.The divine spirit of wisdom asks you to Allow the Light to shine through you to bless and bring all areas and aspects of your life into perfect Divine Coherence. We invoked the correct codes and harmonic frequencies that helped you not only transform my life in terms of the material world around you...But it has also empowered me to realize the incredible direct and personal connection to the Divine available within me. The potential right now for positive growth and transformation is enormous... But it's up to you to claim it!The drawing represents an offer for you to get additional guidance, support, and a step-by-step plan and path to realizing the highest Divine possibilities for your life... and inviting you to fully immerse yourself in it!This may be huge for you! Huge in the sense that this can have a huge impact in positively uplifting and transforming your life.To help you claim the opportunity available now…and as you energetically integrate and receive it, it will unfold over the next few months in a shift and recalibration on your timeline.Connect within your presence to raise your vibrational frequency and become magnetic for what you desire.Accomplish more by doing less, as opportunities arise, effortlessly... to match the synchronicity.So now you can take a step towards living in perfect harmony and alignment with the Truth and why you are truly here, by having patience and faith in how things will unfold.You will find the Manifestation of the Angel encoded in the image and the Activation of the Manifestation Centers of the Angel as you meditate and give yourself the freedom to now release the plan to your lower Aegean mind.Here are some additional angel resolution sessions to support your angel manifestation journey as well:Tap into the flow of abundance and this light language encoded art is an intricate connection to your higher guidance and is key to raising your vibration so that you can effortlessly raise the vibration of your manifestations as well.Then the highest and most fulfilling aspects of your True Purpose begin to manifest in form. Giving you everything you have ever wanted in life, and much more... Simply embodying the Divine presence, awakening your inner light, Divine love and expanding consciousness.Activating the accelerated manifestation of the highest vibration.with guides of love

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