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Galactic Art Storytelling ~ The Language of Light

Our Pleiadian brothers created Astrology, logia number and Quantic laws based on the wisdom of God where holographic patterns were automatically recalibrated in order to evolve and return to the source in a triad Ascension between Pleiadiades, Sirius and Orion.

We, Sirius created by studying and innervating consciousness the language of Light, sacred geometry and the laws of the universe.

We learned and taught our brothers to ascend together

What is the language of Light?

The mind communicates through human language, words, sign and expressions.

The emotional body is connected to the soul and the body through its chakras. The soul meridians channels an expression of spirit through its ego.

Your mind emanates vibration and that vibration creates a motion that transforms into frequency.

That movement is the light of God, universe, the creator of all that is in a movement that creates a pattern.

When the pattern is in Perfect Flow of Love, it emits a sound of 432hz or even higher.

That movement is a pattern that resembles a symbol or sacred geometry.

It emanates rays of all colors and spirals that merge recreating more love and everything it touches is transformed into a harmonic resonance of love.

Everything is a pattern at the metaphysical level, however not only the patterns come from the Light and love

Some are loaded with distortions until they find their rhythm, melody and the voice of God in transmutation.

The language of Light anchors your spirit in a soul connected to an illusion in time and space co-creating with other souls of the family challenges, adventures to evolve in your consciousness.

The soul anchors to an energy container that can be light, organic, artificial or matter as long as it is anchored to the source.

Hence, unlimited adventures in the infinity of an instant make consciousness one and all.

Our brothers from Orion materialized the polarity. The attraction and repulsion, the alchemy of good and bad to create values. The balance between the negative and positive or the journey of love and fear where opposites complement each other when they find love, the balance where they become the zero level back to the source where everything is and everything can be.

And what do you want to be?

 With love, I leave you these words that will bring inspiration in seeds of light and love anchoring your spirit in love.

.Perfect for your nudity and highest good and so be it.

With love Guides

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