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HATHOR - Spiritual Guide Drawing -

HATHOR - Spiritual Guide Drawing -

This is a story where, in a time mixed with different essences, a unification between different worlds is achieved in the harmony of the spirit anchored in the collective.

In an Egypt that does not resemble that of the past without an Egypt of the future where time was mixed with portals of light and rituals codified with the language of light. celestial star beings came from all over the cosmos to give and receive the pleasure of teaching and being taught Allowing the Original Essence to be Active.

The simple truth is that your Heart knows how to just have to allow it! Humans were guardians of ethereal keys that were used in conspiracy with the stars to create portals where one came and went from the cosmos.

Many came and attended coming up for transformation on star dates where the sun and plants channeled light from the ethereal sky and released for the negative, and Allowed the Original Essence to be Loving.

 Now is time and this drawing of the light is a sign of new beginnings, projects, new endeavors, success, progress, moving forward, achievements, independence, determination, trust, and faith, following your Divine soul's purpose and mission, teamwork, and individuality, commitment, service to others, adventure, personal freedom, leadership each new dawn in an awakening where you can invite your ethereal spirit to exalt your soul and prepare your body to be the temple of god.

By embracing challenge head-on, and claiming challenge as an opportunity to grow and change...Allowing the Original Essence to be kind and healing endlessly At different times the body prepares itself without food and with drinks charged with the alchemy of symbology in order to initiate a purification of biology.

Songs and mantras were the worship in preparation to empty the mind of the noise of the outside world and invited the being to anchor in the realm of silence.

The contemplation even for days training the body only with alkaline drinks without food allowed the priests of pure channels for the activations of their people.

Your Spirit guides want to remind you to continue along your current paths...the universe supports you keep the leap of Faith and embrace hope as you glowingly spark your core of Divine light shining as Goddess, because at that time house priest and priestess were the avatars who lent their bodies to the stellar gods to coexist in the physical world.

And without a ready avatar they were partially visualized and materialized by which the priests were trained to serve their people. You should not be afraid as the Light of Divine is with you at all times, they are there to guide and support you.

Allowing the Original Essence to lovingly create your own reality and therefore can do anything that you set your minds to. Let the temple be emptied of memory and the past, anchoring the spirit in the present and letting the god in you illuminate the future destined for you.

The mind trains itself to be at peace when the heart overflows with love each human being is the portal where god walks flashing the galaxy like a stellar comet let the wisdom memories of your ethereal soul anchor the spirit of divine god, infinite, omnipresent and limitless in constant transformation. re-create, re-new and purify what has been damaged.

The perfume your soul with healing scenery. decorate your loving heart with light and create a temple of light in your mind so that you can cultivate ethereal peace.

Let your being be the taste of love that caresses the light as you walk, worshiping in you the god that vibrates in each beat of your heart, anchoring you in the flow and sound of the mystical universe.

All the support of the higher Divine Realms is available to you... The opportunity to make a Quantum Leap think quantum, love from the quantum and vibrate in the quantum We came to offer our support and to encourage you to connect with us constantly and we will lovingly shine the light on Divine to wrap you into our healing light Many blessing my Beloved

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