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Healing light language Codes

This is a healing Code that it is Updating the light - Changing programs and beliefs

Time to break paradigms to let the light shine or extinguish the light in the shadows. This leads us to a process of regenerating wounds with love.

  This time is a time of accelerated transformation which will be especially in aspects of family, life project and couple.

  We enter into a social alchemy where social structures open to new ways of relating to each other and to others. 

Add the codes to the image so that it is easier to understand. 

Colors strengthen and update light bodies to facilitate healing.

- The advice: here the guides are talking about that hidden diamond that is discovered to shine with its own light. Let your core shine in your community by changing your programming and redesigning your being.

The current imperative lies in updating our inner light—this involves a profound overhaul of our ingrained beliefs and programs. 

It's an opportune moment to challenge existing paradigms, either illuminating our brilliance or allowing it to be obscured in shadows. 

This journey leads us toward a process of healing wounds through the transformative power of love.

This phase marks an era of rapid and intense transformation, particularly in familial, personal projects, and romantic spheres. 

We're stepping into a societal alchemy, witnessing the opening of social structures to novel ways of connection and interaction. 

Infusing visual codes into this narrative helps elucidate the process: colors fortify and rejuvenate our light bodies, easing the path toward healing.

The guidance is clear: there's an undiscovered inner gem waiting to radiate its unique brilliance. 

To truly shine within our communities, we must actively engage in reprogramming ourselves and redefining our essence, letting our authentic core radiate brightly.

All of my love, Grethel

Third Eye Activation Course I Activation 11 I Adjusting Intuition, Premonition 

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