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How can we bridge the chasm between the Duality?

Welcome Beautiful Soul Family,

we have been feeling some Wild energy, to pulling the duality into Balance, and the energy and initiate New Creating Managing this tense aspect is the challenge facing us individually and collectively. let's meditate on this creating a bridge to smooth out at least our reactions and to lead us to expand into the LIGHT, and light now is moving very quickly. the meridians and chakras of Earth are being recalibrated and they engage faster than before feeling a strong Movement We may feel the division between 2 big teams and at the cosmic level are Saturn and Uranos representing the past and Chiron influence the old wounds to be transmuted and let our ancient wisdom come through. there is a big transformation being pulled through rules, regulations, authorities, be patient earth is Shifting into a new way to reorganize as Comunity Stay Grounded in the present moment as you integrate these new frequencies the pull us into the future right here and now bringing the future, free your Light, let the genius in you be activated, seek for innovation, and find a way to be inspired to step into the new Right now, we are ascending into more of our authentic truth, into higher vibrations of love and light in the higher realms and this duality paradigm does not work for us anymore.


Let your light guide you and whatever you are resisting is becoming stronger when we try to regulate it and control If you have been feeling the pulling of negative energy let it be. Instead of resisting or fighting against it, ask yourself what you can do about it. On occasions, lower frequencies come to drawn us into the new perspective to rectify it, and those moments show us the opportunity to embrace a New Light!!! We are able to trust in the divine plan, to trust in the ascension process, to trust that these energies are happening in order to help more people awaken.

I invite you to listen to you our yesterday´s live stream where we have a lovely meditation connecting with the Higher Self Collective

Don't Forget to Smile

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