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Hybrid guide - Galactic art

Hybrid guide - Galactic art

This soul reflects a very angelic diamond light associated with the cherubim, and the beings of light helping the earth in the ascension and there are future lines on parallel earth where the earth is a mentor to other planetary systems less advanced than the future earth.We could also say that the essence is a solar being who are the wisest and oldest beings in the universe where they are containers of knowledge for all souls.There are other galactic lives but they are repeated in the same systems, zeta recauli as a mediator of peace and learning concepts such as working as a family, nurturing love and honoring each emotion the evolution of your soul.There are other lives in an empire where war reigned for many centuries and all different roles from royalty, warrior, sorcerer and rebel that is the constellation of orion.the balance of family karma at a multidimensional level is aligned with seeds of polarity between honoring the masculine archetype as a symbol of respect and balance with earthly life that are concluded in this life by returning to their angelic state.The diamond color is a powerful, fluid color and very high in frequency, the more it is visualized, the more aligned it will be for its greatest and highest the life that does not show in the future oh rather parallel pus everything is at the same time that diamond light represents an expression where different primary rays have already mixed and show us an expression of the soul higher in density in a process of inclusion where different fragments merge to be born in a multidimensional aspect.Let's say that this reality is 4th dimension, already passing to the 5th dimension, as between the world and the fifth, the souls will open portals to the different heavens, so to speak, and they will spread extensions of their soul, which are other fragments of themselves and different personalities, forms. and density looking for an inclusion and union of most of its aspects and its ascension.This little piece of heaven explores and enjoys being among the planes as if it has many families and many parents and it learns from everyone and in its evolution it decides that it is ready to transform its liquid and mutant form into a container of light where in its maturity ascends to the fifth dimension.Let's say from what I can perceive that in this state the fourth dimension is a very fun plane because they enjoy feeling, having adventures above all like this in a small being to savor life itself.It seems exquisite to me the happiness of feeling or at least in our plane being sensitive and feeling is not always pleasant that these little angels a little alien, a little human and a little elemental - Angelic have that ability to be in a state of triad where they are explored in full freedom and thus inspire to savor life as the most exquisite pleasure of the evolution of the soul.I see that in this lifeline they grow along with their Lemurian avatar with whom they are like a linked soulmate where on a similar and semi-physical level they share a journey from two different perspectives and they channel each other as well as exchange students in our plane.unlike the twin from Lemuria called Rayee who is born from the sacred union and loving prayer of a very organized and balanced couple where the community is the basis of love and the evolutionary growth of the soul.On the other hand, in this sister land, so to speak, I cannot perceive the name, it is more like a feeling, our hybrid guide is born by immaculate conception, which is something like love at the level of the spirit without the desire of the flesh and completely unconditional.It's like a prayer of happiness between your family, so I see it, like a meditation where you deepen and receive love in inner contemplation but at the same time maintaining harmony so that your loved one is in the same frequency.I realize that this happy and loving meditative prayer lasts for a long time until a spark of vibration begins to move in motion and shape a sacred geometry.The light begins to evolve in colors and is like a love dance where it creates a body of liquid light that materializes by changing shape to the desire of the carrier soul. When we see inside ourselves, or through the eyes of a loved one and leave the story from soul to soul, it helps us to rediscover and defend the depth of people, and to see the god in each one of us.It is like a salutation from soul to soul in that there is a perfect transparency of the soul in the body. It is purity in person, in the sense that spirit, soul and body are in it fully consistent with each other and with the will of the divine order and that It is the sign that we have already reached the fifth dimension.I hope this writing is for your highest and highest good, and so be it.with love

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1 Comment

Bouillaud Bertrand
Bouillaud Bertrand
Jul 12, 2022

💝how pure, this hybrid Being

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