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Hybrid kids twins

Hybrid child - Galactic art Twins

This is the part where the children prepare to contact their donors on earth and thank them,  it is due to that openness to share a seed of their being that they are existing.

Many star seeds dream of these children and sometimes create a very loving bond through the veil that covers each connection with unconditional love and joy is spread when meditating with them or meeting them in the astral world.

The light emanated by these children is glorious that it expands and could be seen with a breeze of light that refreshes our being and the center of our consciousness expands and expands opening our hearts to be witnesses of the love that is a future in the now and that in reality has never been separated.

These children are in ships that are like cities that fluctuate close to our reality waiting for the moment in which we are ready for contact with the stars.

I know soon while I draw and draw the tingles and jokes mixed with laughter intermingle with my personality where for moments, I feel as one with them and when I breathe I feel as if the space is holy and that is what I would love to transmit when you see this image.

The reason for being, is to flow in love, that you let the love in the eyes of this child surround you with love and make you feel the true reason to be in this present moment where you are and that is to remember that the only real thing is the love that was given and the love that has been received.

Love not only has to be applied mentally but applied to daily life and that is what would not lead to simplicity that without pushing us to the comfort zone invites us to take the next step towards enlightenment that is the love of God.

These children sometimes would temporarily mix with us practicing, adapting to this reality and they do it gradually and in a semi-physical way because they can change their shape and maybe stay in the elemental world where they feel at home as they are received with joy in their heart.

Some of them have the task of creating magical dreams that are holographically inserted into those who request it at the higher self level and help us train in the dream world or the astral world to expand the limits of our mind giving us a range of infinite possibilities and at the same time help us activate our consciousness to the level where we are ready for contact.

These children are enlightened since they are born because they are never separated from their inner light and they are left with complete freedom to follow their own desires and adventures so that from a very young age they are independent. Their family is multidimensional because they are connected with many of their other Soul extensions that feel and perceive them as a multiplicity of being. It is like the folds of a skirt that are unique and are united by the fabric.

From our perspective there is a learning opportunity as we focus on a personality of our mind in the trick with the time limit. The ego created by our history and the apparent continuity with feelings of apparent difficulty and vast wisdom at many levels from where the singular is allowed only to be one for a long period as if separated from the rest.

Imagine that a star feels lonely and I don't know that there are millions of them and that they all look the same from our perspective just as the ground seems flat and that the earth doesn't move.Everything evolves concisely or consciously and I know in a wake-up call to our consciousness to love and enjoy the journey.

These children remind us not to lose faith in magic and without forgetting the value of happiness but to begin and recognize that when you are in a state of love, nothing is missing, all the answers vibrate in you and you feel the notion that you are in synchronicity with the universe in you and with that I invite you to reflect on these words.

In what moments do you stop from viri to your maximum happiness? When to put conditions to love and the ability to be you in your capacity as a god with a time trip as a human. So inspire yourself so that every day your work is to remind you to align yourself with the magic of love and joy in the soul and shine like the sun from your spirit anchored in your best and greatest version and so be it.

with love, guides

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado

What an Amazing message sweet Grethel ❣️✨✨✨🌈✨✨ I Lovee these and the energy they bring is so beautiful feeling like so much Loveee and the color's I Loveee it 💖✨💖✨✨ thank you so much 💕💕🤍❣️🌈💞💕🌈💖💙🙏💙🙏🤍❣️🤍

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