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I have a gift for you this Eclipse.

Full Moon eclipse is today and if you're carrying on to unhealthy people or crises, the universe will come at you with a rushing to leave, compelling you to let go of unhealthy habits and change your old ways.

New is way powerful than old.

Change is unavoidable during this eclipse, so clearing out old habits and convictions is necessary.

Change will bring a new order, a better way, trust!

During this eclipse Breathe!

the Universe is asking clearance of a long-standing old habits and limiting beliefs.

Basically stop paying attention to what you fear and look at what is shifting to bring a New Earth.

These Eclipses brighten all that has been hidden from your consciousness.

The light today open new doors…

I have a gift. I created this code for us collectively ( please use it for personal purposes) and a chakra light language course that will shine light on what it is hidden.

There is no going back ! Only forward!

This is a turning point Moving forward is inescapable! Lose control, allow growth no matter how terrifying it may seem.

Knowing all is well.

I am sharing the easiest steps to Use Codes;

1. Open a space in which you feel respected, honored, kind and true to yourself vertically and horizontally within the time of this experience. Use white light to clean your aura. To enhance your experience you can add a light language guided meditation.

2. The light code that activates your body as you do become the light encoded on the image.

3. Be open and in receiving mode, relax your body,  down arms open and breathing in the light codes, connect with the light language and as you exhale release. be thankful for the connection.

4. Inhale: Feel the light codes holding the shape of the universe entering your Heart Chakra from the bottom up, bless the light that nourishes you.

5. Exhale: Feel it moving up through your heart center in a very specific pattern flowing into each Chakra in sequence, thank the light filling yourself with light.

6. Inhale: See it emanating from your heart moving to the top center of your head, prepare your way for more light to come into your way.

7. Exhale: Then see it back flowing down through each chakra in reverse order one more time… there is always a light available for you, reclaim it!

8. Breathe normally now feeling like your whole being has been activated as a spiritual tool to receive and impart wisdom, acknowledge the light codes and allow it to support your life.

9. Choose what you need by sending signals to your own intuition. surrender to your experience with a natural rhythm by pouring light codes all around you.

10. Do not be overtaken by overthinking but rather act out of love because fear leads to doubt, sadness and shift into loving, positing thought and allow your Source to take over and create the greatest joy.

11. Look forward to receiving all that is intended for you in the highest in the easiest and only what is available for you now!.

12. Use this tool wisely with respect knowing that if you want light, you must become the light, think in light, feel the light, experience the light and flow creatively with the light. store to request yours

Maybe helpful

With love Grethel

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Nelia Barraza
Nelia Barraza
May 05, 2023

Thank you for your love ❤️

Love and blessings back to you ❤️🙏🏻❤️


Gratitud infinita ❤️🙏


Unknown member
May 05, 2023

Thank you for sharing this informative gift and art. Sending blessings for abundance in all ways with immense gratitude and respect


Sooz Gould
Sooz Gould
May 05, 2023

*thank you!*

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