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Journey through New Earth, How to do it?

Gaia is going to a lot of changes in its own ley lines and grids deconstructing the old 3 dimensional fear base vibration and building the 5 dimensional crystalline grid where a state of constant love is emanated. How can Light workers assist?

I feel the best way to assist myself and the collective transform itself is Experiencing life with an open heart because it matches 5 dimensional living in a blissful way.

Love though comes in many expressions from the most passionate experience to the most peaceful loving feeling of expansion within you. When love begins to have many colors with love that is peaceful, love that is inspiration, love that is compassion and love that is gentle, life vibrates high.

Life can be lived as the being pleases, and it is not always pleasant. So when does it become nice to live?

When the energy of life that is love, then it is love that is the main ingredient of creation. So we can say that when you are aligned in the best capacity you have to do things you love, be where you love and flow with those around you there is an internal transformation.

That loving transformation means that although life continues to have ups and downs, challenges, unexpected things, you become stronger and more intelligent, which makes you feel that life is easier and easier.

Well, a source of love flows through you and everything it touches transforms it, inviting you to continue awakening the universe of interior and touch what you touch transforms it into a harmonic resonance that transforms everything for the better. It is there where life feels better and better than the day before.

Living with an open heart awakens your intuition, heals what your energy touches, it is excellent to manifest and your vibration is aligned with the fifth dimension, which is a constant state of unconditional love.

"Love flows in me in the most loving way, it is easy and effortless because it is my nature, now I am aware that it has always been decreed that way, it is now, I feel it flowing and so it will be for the highest outcome for all"

Heart light language meditation

Shed a light!

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