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Lemurian Spirit Guide

My drawing of the light - Lemurian

Greeting and blessings from the Lemurian collective,

Recall your brightness says your lemurian divinity show up with light codes to connect with the self in a deep way.

Blue glow is showing with an uprising of light codes flickering lights all over me showing fun and playfulness and joy for driving the soul She look slight and medium high, the rainbow eyes are holding and captivating sparkly wave golden ash hair was stepping around the sparkling who exemplify your in transformation playfulness with the Dolphins collective. Her light were dancing whirling the codes that energetically are added to your aura. As a guide she represents the teach in you, the flowing swirling beautiful transformation when you awaken to your thrth and the soul radiance by itself and comes to your knowing. Lemurian energy interviewing with earth lives where the essence she represents is transmission as a blessing for the Soul. The lemurians wishes for you to Remember of the soul will bring to you the knowingness that you are luminous with recalibrating your stability, equilibrium your health, and live in peace those aspects will become your brightness. Your body and sense as human were programmed with lack and unending wisdom when it comes to strengthening a vibration of wellbeing. All you need to do in order to align with this vibration is to greet and affirmative action its truthy. To Choose from the essence is from our viewpoints to practice self love and wellness today in every thought, word, and action you choose to align with. Self-love is the enormous blessings you can give to yourself and your world.

All my love and blessings

Lemurian Collective

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