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How I can connect with my fairy guide?

This is a guide that lives in the ether. In a mystical forest when fairies live alongside humans. These earth spirits lived in a radiant and ethereal fairy named Seraphina. She showed me that as the Keeper of Flowers, the keeper of all the flowers that bloomed in the colors of the rainbow. I can see Seraphina's codes shining like crystals that reflect glowing light codes, reflecting the vibrant tones.

As the first rays of sunlight touched the magical forest floor, Seraphina fluttered her delicate wings and embarked on her daily journey. She would visit each flower, caressing their petals with her soft touch, whispering sweet melodies in languages of light that only they, Gaia, could understand. Her voice was said to emanate symbols that carried the very essence of nature's magic, and the flowers would respond by blooming more intensely and further spreading her healing fragrance into nature.

Seraphina works with the frequencies of the flower of the moon. She explained that her flowers were magical and could only bloom during a full moon, bathing the forest in a silvery glow. Moonflowers possessed unique healing properties, offering comfort and tranquility to those who embraced their essence.

At some point there was a war between dark elementals and magical beings and when it happened humanity and mystical beings separated into parallel dimensions to coexist.

In the end, Seraphina's pure heart and her unwavering love for Luna's frequencies proved stronger than any malevolence. The moonflowers bloomed and the forest rejoiced as their combined magic lit up the night sky, creating a spectacle that would be remembered forever. from that moment they guard the peace of their ethereal kingdom.

They learned from the war to be inspired by the unity and harmony among all the creatures of the forest, and became legendary Keepers of Light and Love.

The flower fairy and lunar frequencies have co-existed throughout the centuries, a testament to the enduring power of friendship, courage and magic that exists within each heart as the time comes to ascend.

They send you lunar frequencies for manifestation, happiness, love and magic. filling your life with a new frequency and higher vibration.


Who are the Fairies as spirit guides?

Fairy spirit guides are ethereal beings that exist in the spirit realm in this case they are in the fourth high dimension and are believed to offer guidance, protection and support to people on their spiritual journey. These beings are often associated with nature, magic, and the unseen world. In general they are considered benevolent and this guide is one of them.

How can fairies help you?

Fairy spirit guides are said to assist humans in various aspects of life, including abundance, spiritual growth, healing, and connecting with nature and the elements.

They can also be messengers from the spirit realm, offering wisdom if you are open to their guidance.

Fairies like this spiritual guides you can contact through dreams, visions, synchronicities in your daily life, the language of light and an invocation.

My favorite is mixing the language of light and meditation or connecting with nature. Fairies can be catalysts to activate your abundance and can bring comfort and reassurance on the spiritual path.

It is important to approach the idea of fairy spirit guides with an open heart and a sense of wonder. Just as the natural world is vast and diverse, so are the ways in which people can experience and interpret the presence of these magical beings.

While some may view fairy spirit guides as playful and mischievous, it is essential to treat them with respect and reverence. Cultivating a relationship with these guides involves developing a sense of trust and mutual understanding, just like any other spiritual connection.

One must use intuition, and add healthy and sacred limits when opening oneself to the spiritual world, especially if one is beginning to make sure that there is discernment of energies.

Whether one believes in the existence of fairy spirit guides as tangible beings or as symbolic representations of deeper aspects of the psyche, their presence can serve as a source of inspiration and magic. Motivating you to connect with the enchanting beauty of the natural world and the mysticity of the spirit realm.


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