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Wingmakers Starseeds

My drawing of the Light

winemaker Activation

in your Soul chart it was revealed that you are a wing maker, yes you are a Starseed, winemakers, avatar, your soul travels through dimensions traversing interstellar space and enter the solar system through the stargate of God, therefore the central sun, the Earth-Sun, and therefore inner sun of Gaia underground.

when I connect with your higher self it looks like Angel a blue-ray without gender and race, it feels peaceful make and a winemaker the begins the Journey in the Pleiades in Alcyone, Merope, and Electra ( overseeing the galaxy, Crono - Alquemis, Time Keeper). s blue ray it decided to incarnate in Orion to expand the evolution of your Soul in Mintaka as a Healer mermaid being and in Rigel as Civil Celestial Guard.

In Sirius in Canis highly connected with Egypt and ancient Greek, nordic mythology and I saw you as Oracle, with the gift of prophecy in this life you have blue skin.

In the image you can see her in the Central Sun where the wingmakers are the Guardians of the Source Records from the Time Grid ( the akashic records of Source)

They are a fusion from Galactic and Angelic and serve as a mediator to keep peace in the Solar system, the light codes activate your wings the are plasmic light from the Central Sun.

I am Ala, I am the aspect of you who is angelic and galactic at the same time we are called wingmakers and I resonate with the frequency of Pleiades.

I want you to create the sensation when you and I are one, in my time we are in the 5th dimension entering the 6th, and in order for us to ascend we were called by the celestial being to give a service in our ascension into the spiritual realm and born in Gaia as wingmakers.

our soul in human form has a specific frequency the activates the DNA Helix in the field of the planet earth just by existing.

as humans, our only mission is to vibrate high, by being in balance therefore we apply golden ratio geometry seeding light in the 3-dimensional matrix deconstructing the old ways to accelerate the journey into the ascension.

we help others to have wings and to believe they can fly above all that is perceived into the light then we facilitate download.

If you have an opportunity to view it from your part of the world, put on your eclipse glasses and get a glimpse.

Regardless of whether you see it or not, it will have a potent effect on your psyche.

Now is time for a reset in your soul.

Your inner eyes do all the seeing.

You will most likely be seeing your life now in a new light.

Perhaps you have a fresh perspective on an old problem.

You might be putting an end to a way of being that no longer serves you, so you can embody an updated identity.

It's going to be spectacular!

You have to reconnect with the parts of your soul that have been previously ignored.

Whatever you are experiencing, a new paradigm awaits you.

There is a whole new world waiting for you to experience if you have the courage to change.

with Love Ala

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Juilia Goldberg
Juilia Goldberg

Вауууу это было великолепно.Б


Thanks .. exactly what i needed now


Uwem Effiong
Uwem Effiong


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