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Alien races - Galactic art - Spica starseed

Alien races - Galactic art - Spica starseed The Spican starseed is a very ancient and rare type of soul that originates from the Spica star system in the constellation Virgo.They are cat-eye beings with human form and a trail of luminous and angelic light like the being in the image. This soul is connected with the archangel Jophiel, archangel of wisdom, understanding, and judgment. She is listed as one of the guards of the balance and link within the spirits of que equilibrium of gaia, these are very intelligent beings and have psychic abilities due to their connection with Spica's energy.

Spica starseeds are also known for angelic beings who fuse to bring harmony and balance through the creation of the language of light expressed in art, sound and the movement of light. The guardian of the diamond light and galactically connected to the Arcturians are emotionally and mentally advanced and were destined to be the spiritual shamans and healers of humanity. Rcturus??has the feeling of an angelic kingdom. However, it can be a useful landing station for etheric forms, non-physical consciousness, and reborn souls to become again. Other expressions of this soul are Agarthian, Venusian, Pleiades, Sirius, Zeta Retaculi, Gray, HYBRID, Andromeda, and Arcturian is the most advanced galactic star seed. Their message Greetings our beloved human, Creating a New Identity in the diamond light Beloved, we love you deeply, and you have a spot in our hearts. Know we love you, and support you. Slow down, breathe, reconnect, and allow yourself to be aware of any changes that are now adjusting your priorities. High values, vision for your life path, in collective harmony. Phoenix appears as a sign of Abundance, Healing, and Renewal with a new way of being. That is aligned with the soul, the purpose of life announces new projects. That appears at dawn like the Sun, which radiates light to your day. Now is a perfect time to offer your creative intentions, co-creating balance, and rebirth. To the universe from the perspective of Love. The light is guiding you into a new awareness of light. A better way to exchange higher information, at the same time eliminate density, and resistance by Creating Light. You are given the opportunity to adjust your life to be a better match with The Harmony of the Universe. Through the Fire of Creation. Surrender to change, creating new ways of being. Creating a Spiritual Truth, where all paths lead back to your Origin. To the Source of Divine Love. Although we can face the unknown, it can cause insecurity. The Phoenix assures him that his next steps are compatible and that he is eternally safe. Create and listen to your heart. Create and open yourself to the inner voice of the Soul. Create life, as new ideas are coming to lift you, to inspiration, clarity, and with the Divine Light. Believe and allow the vision of the Divine to flow through my perspective now A new unity is Manifesting for you now. Phoenix guides you by sending you inspired ideas, creative ideas, and waves of new energy for the path ahead. Sending our love, the Guides

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