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Galactic Art Arturus Starseed

Pleiades (wisdom ~ Blue and Gold skin alike, Maia, Electra) Arcturus - 6th density healing experts, ‘Central Spiritual Sun’ - wisdom keeper, Venus - Circle of the Rose and connection with the goddess, Methuselah - the oldest angelic souls in the universe, Hydra - water beings mermaid alike, Polaris - Dragon people - collective form 5th dimension, Trinity with Orion-Rebellion (Very Norse, Mythology Giants ~ God-like BEings), Sirius - Magdalen Christ-Bloodline

Arcturus ~ Soul alignment light codes Greetings beloved one, We are here sending blessings as we speak being many in one heart that came to align you with the soul quest. This energetic transmission is meant to empower you to embody a new level of your Higher Self. Breathe soothing light codes as you gaze at the image gently and slowly notice how your energy raise up up up Soothing energies from the source bring healing and relaxation as you gaze and breathe this peace now allow this transmission to realign with your big vision, mission, dream, joy, and soul purpose for your life. Awareness is key to tuning in divine love and smooth light codes expand every chakra while you read the crown represent the queen within and as you stand tall showing light and love in every moment as unfolds Stay present at the moment and start looking for signs of Divine Light and energy flowing through you, wearing your crown glowing pure source vibrancy And manifesting in the natural world around queen know they are worthy and uniquely divine walk as you own your soul glorious light Breathe the light codes in gold and emerald green light connect to support you in lifting, expanding, and opening the key anchor points for your Soul embodiment. And you gently gaze and remember these codes, your soul is already embodied the queen in you letting her shine brightly

wIth bright blessing THE ARCTURIANS1

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