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Lyra Sirius Starseeds

Drawing of the light - lyra Divine Trust Light codes Greeting and blessing I am Loenora and I represent Lyra, we are the founders of what you know as your universe. I am half angel, half lion and my crown is the light and my gift to you is Divine Trust We are lyran and we will speak as a one voice today exemplifying many, take a deep and cleansing breath, it is our intention to harmonize what is already there for you to co-create a new pathway. Relax, breath and allow this circle of light from your higher self, guides and star being, it is supporting you as you relax and enjoy this connection through your heart. You may feel a warming tingling sensation receiving this healing to harmonize your light signals Humans are in this collective gateway experience as you are now. This is our opportunity to trust divine orchestration, take some deep breaths and be aware of your own lessons from it. Trust your self and know your higher self directly applies this to the growth of your soul. What is occurring precisely now on, the collective energy is considerable expansion to your soul’s highest evolution....and trust!!! Deepening trust, live your faith and strengthen your trust and know when to stop and listen to the noise outside of you.,

Decide what it is true for you and the choices you do, what to engage in. You are now living life with a stream of thought that’s based on trust, faith, and love. Relax as you breath, you are slowly closing the gap between your earthly self and your higher self. Disentangle yourself, be present, your higher self indicates that you are closing a major chapter and moving towards something new. This is a real-time of self-empowering around yourself trust and wake every day feeling divine trust on yourself while leaving something behind and looking forward to doors open to something new. If you are willing to embrace this higher guidance and more enlightened aspect of your being, and willing to higher manifestation, as you align with the highest version of yourself. Deepest love and bright blessing,


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