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Magenta Ray

Magenta Ray My drawing of the light - Greeting and blessing I am a magenta frequency being of light that may be perceived as angelic even though some galactic hold it like the arcturians and andromedans... I am the magenta vibration of light that holds the red ray of the base chakra and the violet ray of the crown, so it is perfect for connecting us to the Earth and to the Divine (or Source… I am here for your support so whatever you want to call it... at the same time, it will bring Divine Healing gentle light The magenta ray will hold you in harmony between these two polarities and, if you use the color in the heart, it will uplift you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and it will also energize you on a physical level. The magenta ray is a fabulous way to use angelic energy to move you forward on your journey. You can also use the energy by manifesting it as a flame in your heart. We do suggest is used with a clear intention it will burn away everything which does not resonate with Divine Unconditional Love. The magenta ray which is the Divine god energy this light contains. The magenta ray will then help you to truly embrace unconditional love on every level of your own Divine Journey When you tune into the magenta ray It becomes the highest expression of Divine Love and it holds all the other colors, including the Divine White Light. When you connect with the magenta ray, the high-frequency light codes in a flame form will create a cloak of soothing and tender energy in and around your heart chakra, allowing you to feel it at all levels. My dear earth angel, you must know that it is completely safe for you to let go of all the self-imposed lacking ideas you have placed on yourself and all areas of your life. Magenta light coming today also enhances your connection to all the higher aspects of yourself. The magenta ray comes to channel the Higher Self, I AM Presence or your Soul. It links you to Source. Be the gateway into all realms and realities as your heart becomes magenta light Let the magenta light that contains your Soul blueprint to assist you and Once you start working with this exquisite light, it is astonishing ways. You must trust my dear... All my love StellaRose

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