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My essence is ABUNDANCE !

Abundance Code & Light Language Meditation

This are powerful time to manifest what we desire 2022 to be like.

You are powerful magnet for an ABUNDANT life!... Stand up in your sovereignty!

Encompass your strength! Work out the planet by rising to courage into a joyful existence, which is an ABUNDANT living.

Abundance is the freedom to be you!

We are beginning the process by being thankful for the Abundance you have been provided and align to your Prosperity Self!

Be knowledgeable of how you treat yourself feeling abundant or lacking.

Be aware of what you do to and for yourself, because you set the standard for others.

If you are working to eliminate limiting thoughts and feelings of lacking, think before you act!

Tune in your GREATNESS!

Be willing to release those unworthy feelings that are in conflict with your abundant life, so release negative thoughts and emotions.

The mantram for this code is...

My essence is ABUNDANCE !

Manifestation Alignment Light Language

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