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Nourishment Codes

Morning Angels

Today I am sharing ~ Nourishment Codes ~

This energy we are experiencing it does feel like A whirlwind that is... suddenly and unexpectedly things change and we must adjust to keep the Balance

Everything is changing so quickly is the perfect time to go within and tune into Love

Not just around you but within you... let be also gentle with others...

One thing this Mercury Retrograde taught you is to realign your plans, to get reorganized and realizing what truly matters letting go the old ways...

You may feel drawn to feel the need to be changing your intentions all year long as you get more in touch with your soul.

That's why it's important to integrate your lessons now instead of moving full steam ahead.

Allow yourself to rest if you feel tired

Allow yourself to re energized yourself if you feel low vive,

Allow yourself to find gratitude when all seems wrong

Allow yourself to be patient know all had its own timing

Allow yourself to source love and seems hard to feel it

Allow yourself to be at peace feather then looking for peace

Allow yourself to discover what works for you and to let go what hold you back

Allow yourself to hold the light brightly in darkness

And if you feel you need support meditate on it and let spirit to guide you sharing a Lemurian Guided Meditation that will set the stage for Spirit to come and bath you with codes of light

Shed A light!

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