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Organic Spirituality sharing some inspiration

Have you felt out of place, confused lately?

I’m sharing a few thoughts on Code & Meditation to shift into “all is well.”

The best filter to see life Is when you feel happy with all you are and all happening and take a picture of your treasure at that moment. Next time you are happy, take a snapshot with your heart and Soul.

Feel no ok it’s ok! You are adjusting, being kind and patient as you soothe your vibe.

Go with honesty, transparency to add grace because when life feels not ok they are sometimes that are being bypassed that feel eww to address it. When you feel, it is ok to see yourself naturally and transparently. Peace comes and you stop taking inventory of what feels in need to be fixed and seek for things that make you feel grateful for all.

It takes courage to allow yourself to be seen for others as you are. It’s the only way to live a life that isn't infiltrated with illusions and it’s the standard that makes your life.

Rather than Accomplishing Goals just being led as to live life that feels organically good and takes course to go aside social standards and follow what you know to be true.

Challenges are pathways to catalyze the life you always wanted and to shift into the perception of what you choose as indicative of your Soul blossoming wisdom.

Tips to align with organic ascension;

*Learn to prioritize and choose how your days must align with.

*Happiness is to dial what is already working out for you.

* Simply Self love is priority on your list of doings: rest, breath, meditation, engaging with nature, hydration, positive thinking and mindful emotions.

* Listen to your Intuition, it’s your Compass to know where you are and how to shift.

* Silence is a treasure; it can be the best answer, the silence message, the intimate connection with your Higher self.

* If you feel blocked; step back and look for another way. Solution will be in the opposite direction where the blocking spirit is.

* feeling confused, out of place; is because you change your vibration and match a higher vibe with means you are between timelines, let dust settle and the universe to bring easy as you transition into your best timeline to be and anchor a new you.

Shed a light

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