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Orion’s Codes of Light

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

✨FreeService ✨Orion’s Codes & Activation

Hello beautiful Souls

Orion was my second home I often travel there.

For my during this guided meditation you will be able to feel Orion’s essence to discover if it does resonate with you of if you had counterparts there.

In my essence Orion represents my capacity to be resilient and raise as a lightening Phoenix fto. The ashes of what it was.

When I tune into my Orion’s Soul I discovered my capacity to filter love to what it seems and find a new way to evolve and transcend my light.

If you feel curious about Orion or would like to explore the landscape of the Soul this light language guided meditation with help you to quantum jump into the constellation of Orion which is one of the most beautiful on the galaxy

Orion’s are keepers of the portals so this code will assist as is remembered while you meditate

Shed a light💫

Pass it on !!!!!

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