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Plants communication is easier then what you think

New way to Ground ~ Communicate with plants ~ Sharing tips and how

Did you know what you Can program plants in your house to stream life force for you?

The same way we use crystals a plant will adquiere life force by emanating oxygen encoded with healing if you requested.

How to do it?

  • Ask your Highest self and the higher self from the plant to show you how and to guide you.

  • Sit in your light, sync within and dial in to your own sacredness through breathing or just loving awareness

  • Be aware about the light in the plant and ask for permission to connect from higher self ( yours) through the plant’s higher-self.

  • Go within, interiorize what you feels, know by expanding your awareness.

  • Set an intention; “May our roots interwoven at the level of spirit we are one in perfect wavelength of love, grounding our light together and as one with Spirit for the highest outcome for all. As long as) set the time, the how, etc) end with so this is.

  • Use and trust your intuition

  • Nourishment for the plant and you should be daily in whatever way is easy for you to do.

  • Be creative; yo can add crystals, codes, sage an affirmations or hand and healing.

  • Let it be as is meant to be.

I have been practicing this and it’s a quite and simple way to stay grounded.

Plant communication unfold through images telepathically, try it! It can be very fun.

Share with me your thoughts about it!

Shed a light

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