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Pleiades sparkling galaxy

My Guide Drawing - Pleiades for An Energetic Gateway Connection with your Original Self. Greetings I am Danica the raising starlight of every morning, I vibrate in a Fifth Dimensional Light. My job is to patrol the galaxy with my crew, our work along with other Galactic Nations is to be sentinels of Light to maintain peace and union in your time and space. We are here as ONE, honoring to be connected with you, sharing, healing with Heart Light and high frequencies from heaven, now we will speak as ONE. We will ask you as you read these words to open your chakra centers as visualizing them as open doors where light will enter and harmonize them to work in concert. As you take a deep healing breath, ask your guides to align your posture and have a rhythmic breath to allow healing to take place. This is a circle of Light from your Multidimensional Self, you and I. Let's begin the healing transmission for the next 3:33 seconds, and it will last for the next 3 months. We will ask you to remain calm and in allowance, do not entangle yourself to the outside world. Utilize your creativity to bring up solutions to your struggles. Bring comfort into your space to feel vast and flowing with Divine and all that it is and all that you are. Living in the Light, being present and glowing the radiance of your Soul, makes this is a great time to find your light tribe in physicality and magnetize people around you to empower each other and support each other's journey. Ask you take another deep breath, feel the frequency of peace and serenity entering thru your crown and opening your plexus and root chakra too, visualising grounding roots of Light around you. Your Soul fragments and Higher Self share this healing message from your guides to make you be aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas as these are manifesting quickly into your reality. ... The Light Codes encoded on the image are an energetic gateway that has opened up for you, allowing you to rapidly manifest your thoughts into your reality. You will always hear us through your intuition. Remember, we are your Higher Mind, the one that vibrates above all density and consider all margins as it guides you enormously, empowering your Light radiance of thee Soul. It is for thee to know that the Healing Light shared today goes beyond human perception. This healing transmission started showing up in your life about two years ago, right before some new beginnings were brewing and soon will surfaced. Stay in the radius of your Soul. Let your intuition guide you today as in every day of your life. We are very pleased to step forward today and bring an energetic gift from heaven on the highest integrity, as an advantageous tool of support. Always with you. Love, Light and blessings Danica

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