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September 25th, 2022, Are you ready?

You can miss this! 🌙

September 25th, 2022, we have a New Moon in Libra invite us to set a new course of action to find balance.

Sharing 5 tips to Harmonize your Self and take inspired action.

New Moons are ideals to set intentions as the moon light grow in its own faces to become full our intentions are being filled with a magical moonlight energy.

We are still in mercury retrograde which invites us to focus on progress instead of just getting it done and take your time to let our pieces to find a new alchemy to tap in to Balance.

In which area of your life Balance is required? How to resolve this….

*Get clear on what happens; it’s important to acknowledge your feelings

And most importantly what feels the trigger without judging and escalating the situation.

*Observe possible the hidden truths; why you think you are being triggered maybe not be the root of the cause, access it unconscious by being present and being aware of where to stand in relationships with you trigger.

*Determine a course of action for what you can take responsibility and what is upon to universe to co~create in Divine Order.

*Divine Understanding; what you feel is valid and anyone could relate to what you are going through. Choose a why to release it, cry, meditation, therapy, journaling, etc.

*Desired Balance; Balance is achievable when all ingredients are equally harmonize. Acknowledge what Ingredients can be released, free the ones aren’t working for you, amplified what you want more of that and find a place to adjust as all elements from your life find a foundation to sustain Balance.

Reconnect; Add into what you do daily simple ways to be connected with you, your Soul and your cycles finding ease and looking for simplicity to rejoice in life.

Meditation is the most blissful way to listen and invite Divine to guide you creating space to align with your best self.

Light Language & 5th Dimension Alignment | Raising your Frequency

Shed a light

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