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Soul Work what is it?

🤍🙏Short Pleiades Light Language | Encoded Frequency🙏🤍 Activate you Divine Soul 🙏

Have you been feel challenged lately?

If you do I have great news it’s the Mastery of your Soul , yes it is called Soul Work.

Every challenge is an opportunity to evolve our soul greatly and the path of Ascension.

When you are feeling down, celebrate your spirit as we move in the following months head it is going to be allAbout Divine Soul work.Every moment is your teacher!The Divine soul is the essence of life in your body, celebrating your spirit, is celebrating life.

The Divine Soul represents the experience, the knowledge, the lessons accumulated along go every timeline and that it’s your blueprint as divine human incarnated.

The Divine Soul is the ability to have, to be, and to do is imbedded in your spirit the Divine light of Creator if all in motion as you are physical that creates a lifetime a creation your creation.

Focus on your inner mastery!

In this life, your mission is to spark your Divine soul and let the God within to be seen by you boy also by all othersLet the god in your Divine Soul glow You are a Divine Soul bound to earth by the physical body to walk as God.

Your Divine God In Spirit, is bound to all that it is, the infinite Galaxy, the magnificent universe the stunning sky, enchanted the moon, the blinking stars, the relaxing ocean, and the Creator of all.Your Divine Soul is all you have been, are and will be and that is your Soul work

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