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spiritual art - Archange Ariel Ground your light!

She invites us to Release what has been and what has happened in the past to create space and fertile ground for future blessings to take root and anchor! You have a great desire and you don't know how to do it, Ariel allows you to organize your life for it, she watches over your dreams because it is possible that through them you will get the answers you need.

This Archangel is the one who protects nature, the moon, magic, animals and the earth, she also protects invisible beings like fairies, she is the great protector of our planet. Ariel is the one who manages the four elements of nature so the red represents her is to root yourself to her and to your center.

This is one of the Archangels that removes entities and helps recover the health of the sick, represents courage and triumph, dissolves karmic blockages and rigid thought patterns that sometimes prevent us from moving forward. He is related to dreams and revelations, he is the Angel of abundance that comes from knowledge and wisdom.

When we connect with Ariel we can see her represented, she is usually magical. The light codes in the image represent an invocation with love and gratitude for you to clarify our mind to know the steps that must be followed to manifest the desires of the heart. From the place in my heart where I choose to receive clarity in my ideas, I open my mind and heart to listen to my soul and from where my soul and heart guide me, may my wishes be fulfilled by the highest light for me. and for those around you.

This is a huge turning point right now to be more you… So use it to let go of what no longer serves you on the path of joy, love and higher soul purpose! Integrate the higher light and claim the expanded states of consciousness available to you now through: *Tune into your Center; when everything moves just by looking at a point that is stable, it creates the feeling that you find stability. We could say that it can create a feeling that innovative teachers can attribute to their own success.

To believe is to become.

Bring awareness to create possibilities within a great movement to accommodate a great unknown and to know what it means to be at your center and thereby create infinite potential to love and thrive while living your life to the fullest.

*Be aware of what is in your way; find with your wisdom, center and inspired action the habits to move it from your path and change the direction to what feels and ease marking towards your graceful life.

* Dear to dream; for your Soul there is no such thing as "impossible" a doer, first it drains big and then it moves towards its own dream focusing on what can be possible miraculously trusting the synchronicity and the divine will is in its favor and the whole universe conspires to make it happen.

* Wellness Center: If everything is energy and energy is in everything and everywhere, it means that we feed on everything and our body simply translates that into chemical and biological intelligence that must reflect God's intelligence.

When our body is not reflecting that intelligent awareness, then the next logical step is to detoxify your physical body.

* Simplicity is the way to make life easier, much is a path that leads to disharmony because it contains many elements to find alignment. In this case, if you feel like falling, minimize the fall and resolve, clear your space, and let go of what no longer serves you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

*Centralize your resources; Land and Connect with Nature and the entire Universe with and without letting the dust settle to clearly see where you are and where you are going, and letting the Simultaneously, there is an opportunity to manifest health, peace and love by opening new beginnings and aligning with the highest Divine Possibilities for your life! with love Archangel Ariel

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado

I loovee these one to do much sweet Grethel ❣️✨❣️❣️✨❣️❣️

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