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Spiritual Art - Soul Portrait of the Evolution of Anchoring the spirit. ~ Andromeda Essence

Spiritual Art - Soul Portrait of the Evolution of Anchoring the spirit. ~ Andromeda Essence 

God, Creator Universe is like an intelligent field based on love on this side of the multiverse managed based on duality and systems that renew the creator in illusions where unity is the true essence of God's love.

The God who divides himself into a divine consciousness of a spiritual nature wishing in unity to know what he wants to create as an illusioned projection in a different reflection that is a mirror that today we call Soul.

The Soul has missions and purposes that are a single divided into many. The many are impersonal, general and see the whole dancing with the one in the whole that becomes personal, unique and singular.

We can say that Soul lives in the duality between the negative and the positive, creating realities that intertwine like images in a photo, having a continuous appearance only from the singular mind.

The dual soul when the body and mind wander in sleep becomes one with the general, impersonal and ascended spirit having unconscious missions in the mind but engraved in the unconscious.

The shadow embracing the light remembering that you strayed from the easy path and you became so unique that you left the center, love.

Light is the force that allows you to create so many realities in which you can see many ways of yourself as singular and as everything.

In the eternal of the soul, it can be the avatar of its spirit that it desires and intertwine between love and lack of love, fear and courage, loneliness and unity wherein the bad and the good is a very fine line. It varies according to the perception because the illusion is a dream inside the dream.

The path of the soul to unity goes from within without performing in the illusion of totality. Only seeing its singularity but from within seeing the generality of infinity in its singular of the present moment where you eternally renew yourself in the love that is the only real thing within of the dream

The only real thing is the unconditional soul. That is achieved when the soul sees itself in the reflection of its mirror, in the singular and coherently loving itself in a perfect balance and flow of love whereby loving yourself unconditionally you will love all your projections.

In the balance of creation, the only ingredient is love. Forgiving is only not letting the painted vision become pain away from feeling the light in you as a soul and the only way to be coherent is from within to fill all your singularity with love that will project in edsa itself falata or fullness of love in all your creation of singular soul.

Love is the ingredient that codifies reality and reunites you by anchoring your spirit without forgetting singularity but also incorporating the generality of everything that you have been, will be and are in essence of love of God anchored as a singular soul traveling in time without a clock present and aware as one and all.

From nothing to everything, from what has ended to the eternal and from the general and the only all that you can be when you awaken a singular soul to be the conscious creator and present the spirit of god anchored in your being.

with love, your guides

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