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Story-telling - Spiritual Guide & Dimension - Higher self Angelic - Purple Ray -

Story-telling - Spiritual Guide & Dimension - Higher self Angelic - Purple Ray - 

This guide flashes light and love in magical chips of Maori codes in my mind, when I put it on the canvas. We write these words where that beautiful being of light becomes one with me and elevates me to materialize a message codified with the light of the Soul.

Soul has many colors intermingled between the perception of illusion and thus shows me how the Spirit is fragmented into diamond fragments of consciousness spheres, that align in spirals, creating stairs of illusion, in the dream within the dream, where the Spirit dreams, that there are many souls, different faces and times in a single sacred heart.

Dreams are the information where the Soul accesses the unconscious and the Creator's consciousness. Consciousness bubbles, dance with each other intertwining and mixing by fractions of infinity and then chronos the God of Time as an avatar of the Creator, organizes the illusions of the Soul, where he creates worlds and time in order to anchor the Eternal Spirit in an Ego and an Energetic Container. The Soul is like a magnetic field full of codes and sacred geometry, that recreate a petron or a sequence where a story is made. A background, and a personality with the ability to recreate, reinvent, and be reborn until it becomes Holy and the Spirit returns as one and part altogether.

In these Akashic Records, God creates 12 Gods and the God of Time, and each God is a color, a ray, and a reflection of God's consciousness. The spheres light up with the brilliant colors of the 12 Rays : Red.....Blue....Yellow.....Green.......Orange......Indigo........Violet........Aquamarine......Magenta.......Pearl.......Golden-Pink.......Golden.

This Higher Self is shown as fragmented into 3 rays mainly. This ray of light is one of the purest forms of contemplation of God, and devotion of the Creator Soul within our reality, aligned with Acturians in this Soul.

These light codes gently flash with a loving pulse of energy, that in the body, is an inspiration, that invites you to a deeper connection and understanding of the Soul, of the Creator, and the universe based on unconditional love.

This guide expresses me in my chest and my heart melts in my body, his essence is devotion as if God became one with the deepest part of you, where words exceed how to exist infinitely without time, intertwined with illusions like stars in the sky.

These beings of the sixth dimension are angelic, they are architects of the matrix and they are devoted to serving other fragments of this Soul, on different levels as a being of light, loyal to the almighty Soul of the Creator, while accepting their own inner powers. Connected with masters like Saint Germain, Lady Narda, Lemuria, and from there Asia and the east of the planet in this illusion. In the place there are many beings as guardians, that are like mixtures of many animals or at least, that is how I perceive them. Semi-Angels, Semi- Elementals, Semi- Angelicals, and there are Semi- Dark ones , and with whom they work in the deconstruction of the matrix, when that illusion got out of divine order.

Darkness is the opportunity for the Soul to expand in another direction, and they work with Angelic beings of the Violet flame, which is the most powerful force of transmutation. It is also a mystical, magical, ancestral, and essential energy in the illusion of Gaia, the mother earth as she raises consciousness in minds with higher vibrations.

This drawing is encoded with an activation to see with the eyes of God and when you visualize the Purple or Indigo ray, see it in you and around you, recalibrating to the level where God and you are one. It is her wish, that the light in you be activated, as the inspiration that is the muse of all your experiences, she will whisper in your thoughts and feel the most beautiful messages, where you are taken to other levels of reality where you are revitalized and reborn in love., in the infinity of your dreams, materializes them in your reality, where you awaken in you, the awakening of the Goddess, who is the representation of the sweetest love, purity of the Soul, an enchanting beauty like the aroma of violets caressing your senses.

So, go when you look in the mirror, like the memories of a Goddess who walks with human feet, that leave a mark on each heart around her and how a single look, captivates the frequency of Indigo Violet love, awakening sleeping hearts in the dawn of your Soul.

Let the vibrant strength of your ancestors gently and lovingly guide you to be the Goddess, not only in Spirit, but also in your reality inviting your world to flourish in a life, where your morning is always Spring and full of Magic.

Let life taste sweet and simply Magical, that is our greatest and highest wish, with love and always by your side, your Spirit Guides.

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