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Sumerian Drawing

My Guide Drawing ~ Summerian Collective

Codes for Activation of the light of the heavens Greetings from the Summerian collective. We are honored and pleased to share Light with you as you relax with us while you consciously breathe. I am Uanna, my name means the light of Heavens. I am royalty, your ancestor and your leading guide, Now we will speak as One You may feel the Light in your energy field expand while you read these words as you are receiving the highest healing and download of faith, peace, and grace available at this time. While you observe the image Source, Light bursts through bringing alignment and a shimmering flow to your heart center while being assisted by your guides. Take a deep breath, ask your guides and we will help to rectify the energy in your light and physical bodies. Many of you felt a lot of emotions coming to the surface lately for many of you. With this intense energy, we will encourage each of you to self discover yourself within this transition and is an opportunity to vibrate much bigger than that, even for really old energies to depart the planet. Humans have collectively and individually, an opportunity to examine and take an inventory at very intense degrees, who we have been, who we are, and where we would like to belong. The central hub by which you receive guidance is in your heart center, within your heart open to the light of heavens, now shine light bright and radiance of your Soul. Powerful energies are giving rise to Light which must be released and is out of equilibrium, trust your Heart guidance. Essentially center yourself and let your heavenly glow love alight where there's an opening to let go of old ways for you to rebirth. There is an opening for you to align with profound shift and Soul development through the glowing Heart. May the frequency of love, light and creation evolve as A soul as you are Conduit for life force. Love, light and Heavenly blessings,

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