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The Soul what is it?

This is a fragment of a channeling that speaks of the soul...

The Soul what is it?

The soul is the spirit essence of the creator consciousness that anchors in an illusion to express an evolution in a container that anchors the light of the creator of all that is in a sacred destiny encoded with an evolution.

The soul is a piece of divinity with an ego that invites you to personify a personality and a story anchored in time and space.

The soul without the energetic container (the body) and without the ego (the story) the vast unlimited and part of the infinite consciousness of everything that is.

Theoretically each life as a soul would make it wiser, more ascended and not necessarily because each soul uses its opportunity to express the creator in the way it pleases in the conscious present.

Every day it is the decision of the soul to approach the divinity or move away in the illusion codified with the ego, the free will leads to choose the destiny already written in the divine alchemy of infinite eternity mixed between everything that a soul is to multidimensional and interconnected level

Your daily meditation will help you connect with your soul and listen to the voice of your divinity within you, for your highest good and so be it.

I leave you a guided transmission of the language of light to speak with your soul today.

May your soul guided you constantly and lovingly!!!

Shed the light!!!

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