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Tips to Find Balance

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

There is a huge shaking on earth and those earthquakes come from our core being unveiled.

The Heart earthquake is dropping the barriers from the density we have accumulated by our past and memories.

This is the time to let go of all that and I want to start by saying that we are in the midst of a huge massive clearing at all levels.

It is all about pieces of us that come together to be integrated into alignment and now match a higher vibration.

This is the process where we all are beginning to unfold.

Fragments of the soul that come to push us to hold a new identity and guided put it like that wherever we pursue, the desires we have shot our things on the physical to elevate them onto a new vibration

Perhaps a belief of some resistance pushes us along so hold onto your hat ...

Be kind and patient with your own process and remember it is all in the direction of a greater good

Tips to Find Balance

~ Let your shade make peace injecting light into the wound patiently and gently

~ Grounding help is to be in harmonic resonance with Gaia and allowed us to be more prepared when we have an earthquake within so she holds us lovingly while peace comes

~ Stay hydrated ~ we are receiving liquid Plasmic light from the cosmos and our bodies may struggle with exhaustion while our physical body release its carbon-based structure and alchemized Into a body of light

~ Everything is Food ~ be aware of the feelings and thoughts you feed your body and soul with. Notice what adjustments need to be done to


hold the light abundantly.

I hope these tips help. Sending Rays of light to whoever is struggling and desires to accept them ⭐️

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